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Animal rescues are an essential component of animal welfare. Sadly, if all pet owners would have their pets neutered or spayed, the crisis of overcrowding at animal rescues would be severely reduced.

Most animal rescues operate thanklessly as a labor of love by those who keep them going. It’s an unbearable burden to provide food, medical attention, medicine, shelter, and love for so many animals.

Often these shelters quickly grow beyond capacity, are overcrowded, and underfunded. It’s outrageously expensive to fund the day to day operations of a cat rescue. Many animal rescue operators deplete all of their financial resources and life savings to keep the food, medical, and shelter bills paid.

The posts in this section are for those who want to help animal rescues. The articles in this section offer great value on topics including fundraising, volunteering, and donations. These are three absolutely critical areas of need for most animal rescues.

Animal rescue volunteering work is generally not glamorous by any stretch of the imagination, but it can be very fulfilling. Whether you enjoy helping out with chores at the rescue such as feeding, cleaning and changing litter, or would rather setup a fundraiser, both forms of help would be highly valued.

Quite frankly, many animal rescues simply can’t afford to pay the bills. Many are not able to provide the medical care many animals need. Often, the food is terribly low quality since that’s all they can afford for the animals. If you are considering helping as a volunteer or a fundraiser for an animal rescue there is no better time than the present.

Please review several of the below articles now to see how you can make a difference for animals rescues that often work tirelessly without volunteers or much needed funds. Learn how you can help these desperate animal rescues today by with a local fundraiser, or volunteering opportunity.

Great Animal Rescue Posts: