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Anyone who loves cats, pets or other animals can relate to the warm spot these sweet creatures can have on our hearts.  As much as they love us, if they are a pet they often depend on us too.  The goal of this site is to entertain, educate, and provide great information to empower people to understand and appreciate the creatures they love.

With so much animal neglect, and so much that can be changed, please be a force for good to the animals in need on this earth. Animals are our neighbors & fellow citizens on this planet, but are all to often forgotten about, neglected or abused by mankind. It’s the hope of this website to make the world a slightly better place for cats and other animals who just want to live happy, fulfilling lives like the rest of us.

Harmony is a great thing – right? 🙂

AnimalWeekly.com was started in 2018 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the USA.

Some of the foundational interests of Animal Weekly are:
-To promote animal welfare, care and solutions
-To offer interesting and helpful guides
-To keep the bills paid and the kitties fed by earning some online commerce revenue, mostly from affiliate commissions and/or ads

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