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Cat’s are truly one of the most amazing species on the planet. As cat populations continue to explode there is great need for resources dedicated to their welfare, care and safety.

If you have a pet cat, a stray kitten or are just a lover of these furry felines you will find a great assortment of quality posts to choose from.

When caring for cats there are a multitude of situations that could use a step by step instruction manual. That’s where Animal Weekly comes in. Many of the cat articles posted here are about cat care, with other interesting topics of interest as well. Cats are not only wonderful pets, but they desperately need care to keep them healthy.

This section provides useful, practical and informative information for cat care and solutions that you may not have discovered before.

As with anything, the longer you are a cat guardian, the more you will know and learn about the peculiar situations that arise. It is the hope that these kitty posts offered at will quicken your learning curve. It’s the goal to offer some real world solutions for cat lovers looking for direction.

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