7 Ways To Multi-Task While Petting Your Cat

Multi tasking while petting your cat is a great way to increase production while spending some time with your kitty.

We all love our feline family members, but so often it’s easy to neglect them in the hectic pace of life. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that when we get busy and our schedule gets overloaded, our kitties don’t have obligations, appointments or deadlines. They desperately want our love and attention, and we are the only ones they know most of the time. If we don’t give them the love, affirmation and attention they need they don’t have any other people to provide it to them.

With multi-tasking in mind let’s get started on activities that you can enjoy while also petting your cat.

Pet Kitty While Drinking Coffee

Do you ever pet your cat while drinking coffee at home in the mornings to start the day?

It’s a great way to bond, and many cats come to cherish this time in the morning while you both are starting the day. Coffee is not optional but completely necessary to coffee fanatics, so why not multi-task in some kitty love time while waking up to with your cup of java.

Lap cats of course will be most excited to spend some quality coffee time with you by curling up, or sprawling out on your lap. Coffee is hot, takes a little while to cool, and that’s a great chance to bond with the cat.

Not all cats are lap cats, so in this case, consider pulling up an ottoman, small table, or sitting on a sofa with an empty spot next to it for the cat.

Coffee and petting the kitty is relaxing and an example of multi-tasking at it’s best.

If you are looking for a great mug while drinking your coffee and petting your cat consider a cool cat mug!

Pet Kitty While Reading

Many cats enjoy spending quality, quite time with their human parents.

Often, cats are startled, or do not enjoy loud, noisy environments. Usually, reading is done in a relatively calm, distraction free environment. Whether you are studying, reading a magazine, news, emails, or your favorite novel, it’s a great chance to multi-task by petting the cat for awhile too. Not only is it a soothing environment for the cat, but you can get caught up on some important or desirable information you’ve been wanting to consume. A great chance to multi-task.

When the cat is a lap cat, a sofa is a great location to stretch out and let the kitty come sit on your lap. But a spot next to you may be preferable to other cats.

Pet Kitty While Talking On The Telephone

Interestingly, some cats are compelled to visit their human parents when they are on the phone, or having a face to face conversation with someone. In fact, some cat’s may just be jealous of your attention, wanting it for themself. Some kitties want to claim us for themself and not share our attention. Be glad when this happens since you know you are loved.

If the cat in your home is like this it’s a great chance to multi-task as well. Often a cat is interested in visiting you while it’s in an active mood, wanting to engage. Especially if your conversation is lively and they visit you. In such situations the cat may keep walking and pacing around on your lap while you talk and pet it, and may swish it’s tail while you pet it during your conversation on the phone or in person with someone.

A great chance to multi-task by engaging with the cat and another person at the same time.

Pet Kitty While Watching Television And Webinars

While watching television or webinars at home, why not multi-task by spending some time with the cat as well? Much like reading it’s a great chance for interacting with your pet kitty for an extended period of time.

It’s best to plan these situations out by making sure you have everything you need for a short while without getting up. That way the cat stays comfortable on your lap without you needing to get up and sit down repeatedly. As you can imagine, the cat may grow weary of moving repeatedly if you keep getting up and sitting down. The cat may find an alternative location to lounge with less disruption in these situations, wasting the limited amount of time you may have to spend with them.

In situations where you have a laptop, you may simply need a small end table, or chair or cushion next to you to place the computer on. That way the cat can sit in your lap while you watch your favorite program or a webinar.

Likewise, if watching television consider if you will want a drink or a snack before sitting down so once the cat comes to sit in your lap you don’t have to get up.

Multi-tasking while watching television or webinars is a great way to bond with the kitty while being entertained or informed.

Pet Kitty While On The Computer

Petting, or at least some mild attention to the cat while on the computer is a nice way to spend some time with the cat while get work done.

Obviously, this is not as ideal as having both hands free, while relaxing. Regardless, if you’ve ever experienced the cat coming to visit you and demand your attention while working on the computer you understand the situation. Cat’s often enjoy walking across, or sitting on your keyboard. They may rub against your computer or monitor, or walk in front of it. Clearly the cat wants, or possibly demands your attention while trying to get something done on the computer.

If desk is high enough it may sit on your lap. Alternatively, a spot to lay down, and some calm music when possible on the computer may do the trick.

While the attention you can offer the cat while you are using the computer may be somewhat limited, you can enjoy their company still. Multi-tasking while giving some attention to your cat or petting occassionally shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially if you are on the computer a lot.

Pet Kitty While Sitting On The Toliet

Petting the cat while you are on the toliet is a great way to multi-task.

Yes, it may sound very humorus, but many cats just love to visit their human parents while they are in the bathroom. Some will even go so far as to paw at or scratch at the bathroom door, nearly demanding to be let in.

In such situations you clearly have your cat’s undevided attention.

Many cat parents can use this time to pet, as well as groom the feline. Strangely, many cats that otherwise may not allow their human family members to brush them may give them permission while sitting on the toilet. It may be your chance to get some cat maintenance done that may otherwise be difficult or forbidden by the cat.

One caution, however, to keep in mind is to only pet the cat if your hands are clean.

Take advantage of this opportunity to multi-task by petting, brushing or otherwise taking care of your cat as well as your own bathroom business all at the same time!

Pet Kitty While In Bed

Petting your cat goodnight is a loving time to spend time with them before going to sleep for the night. Your going to bed anyway, so might as well multi-task by petting the kitty for a few minutes before you fall asleep.

While you can’t sleep and pet the cat at the same time, it’s still a great chance to bond with the kitty. Also, many cats enjoy sleeping on or next to their human companions, so you may be getting bonding time while sleeping.

As a caution, don’t accidentally crush or hurt kitty while on the bed. It’s very easy to roll over in your sleep and crush or suffocate your cat. It’s also easy to accidentally kick it or otherwise crush or harm it when repositioning at night. If the risk of harm is apparent, it’s best to not only avoid this bonding time, but to even lock the cat out of your room even if it feels bad to do so. Remember, safety needs to come first, even above the joy of spending time with your lovable kitty if it puts them in harms way. If they die or have great harm from injury it will be terrible for the cat and you to live with as well. Safety first is the way to go.

Concluding Thoughts

Our feline companions love us, and we can often pet them while multi-tasking with other activities in our daily lives. Many of these activities present opportunities to be productive, as well as a chance to provide some much needed and welcomed attention to cats.

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-Randy, AnimalWeekly.com