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Pets are an important part of the lives of so many families around the globe. People have loved and been fascinated with pets since ancient historical times.

Accepting an animal into your home to love and cherish is a very special thing if able to adequately care for the pet’s needs. Having a loving pet is great, although sometimes there are challenges. Animal Weekly hopes to reduce the challenges to pet ownership. Sometimes a good post can make a big difference and help you find the answers you are looking for.

This section of is here to discuss such interesting and helpful pet topics. Pet safety, pet merchandise and pet solutions are some of the interesting reads to check out. If unsure where to start, simply look at the list of articles for this pet category below.

Oftentimes visitors may not be aware of solutions to everyday pet situations or problems that occur. Whether the solution is a simple post on minimizing stress when taking pets to the vet, or an in depth product review Animal Weekly want’s to be here to help pet lovers as much as possible.

Pet product reviews can be a great aid if your are unsure which solution is most relevant. It’s great there are so many choices, but it can also cause information paralysis. Sifting through to find excellent products is another way Animal Weekly is here to help reduce the stress of pet parenting.

The information in this section is written for pet owners looking for great solutions. The goal is to create high value pet content that is practical, concise, and as helpful as possible to pets and pet parents alike.

Animal Weekly wants to help change animal welfare one pet at a time. Just dive in! Simply review the an articles below to see which one you want to read first!

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