7 Reasons To Spay And Neuter Your Animals

Animal spaying and neutering has never been more important. Buy why? What makes it so important that people have bumper stickers encouraging people to spay or neuter their pets?

This post explores 7 reasons to spay or neuter animals and why it so desperately needs to be done quickly.

There will be 7 reasons examined on why animals need to be spayed and neutered, and here they are:

-To reduce over population
-To reduce work for animal rescues
-To reduce financial burdens to animal rescues
-To reduce suffering of unwanted animals
-To reduce euthanizations
-To abibe Spay & neuter animal laws
-To encourage others to do the same

To Reduce Over Population

With an outrageous number of homeless animals in the millions that enter animal shelters in the USA alone each year it’s incredibly urgent to spay or neuter your cat or dog.

The animals themselves are not the problem, but the unsustainable resources for an overpopulation of pets creates a multitude of problems. Often the results are unnecessary costs, suffering, and euthanizations.

Many people inocently would argue that their animal is an indoor cat or dog, so as a result there is no reason to neuter or spay their pets.

While that view may hold some level of credibility, it’s not uncommon for an indoor pets to encounter the outdoors. Whether the animal escapes or ventures outdoors by accident or on pupose, at some point in their lives it’s very possible to happen. Once they are outdoors they can quickly inpregnate or be inpregnated by another unsterilized animal. Once that occurs, a large unneutered and spayed litter of cats or dogs is the result.

A far more common scenario is where people have indoor / outdoor animals that are not neutered or spayed. Coming and going as they please may enable the cat to live a joyful life. However, when they are not sterilized it’s nearly inevitable that they will eventually mate and further expand the population.

To recurr this cycle, all of these baby puppies or kittens are not spayed or neutered. This explodes the population yet further when these baby animals eventually mate. This ongoing expansion cycle of the population is hard to fathom, and results in multitudes of homeless aniamls that starve, suffer, or are euthanized.

Let’s not forget to consider there are vast numbers of unsterilized outdoor animals living in the wild or in barns etc.

A crushing blow to the population epidemic is that there are puppy mills and breeders who intentionally increase the pet population. Whenever an already homeless pet is displaced by a bred animal it further increases the number euthanization in an already unsustainable population.

Please neuter or spay your animals today so it does not grow into a larger problem tomorrow.

To Reduce Work For Animal Rescues

Sadly, a great amount of the pet & animal overpopulation challenges fall on animal rescues.

Many deal with exhaustive numbers of animals required to be spayed and neutered. It’s not uncommon for animal rescues to neuter or spay hundreds of pets.

The sheer level of over population causes enormous strain on animals and people alike. Many animal lovers do an exhaustive level work through pet owners, animal rescues, and animal fosters to try to find homes for aniamls. The problem is the over population is so large that it’s more than can be absorbed by the resources available.

Even the combined efforts of animal enthusiasts are not enough to counteract the negligence of spaying and neutering animals. Pet lovers, animal owners, rescues and fosters alike are overloaded by the excessive number of homeless animals.

Simply neutering and spaying your pets will solve population problems now that a huge effort can’t solve later.

To Reduce Financial Burdens To Animal Rescues

Many times animal rescues absorb the cost of sterilzing animals. Imagine having to sterilize hundreds of animals since an owner several animal generations back did not. It’s a huge challenge to overcome, and a large burden for animal rescues.

Most animal rescues operate on a very thin budget to begin with as heating, food, and shelter for even a dozen animals gets costly. Also, let’s not forget that there are frequent costly animal medical problems. Many of these issues require veteranarian appiontments and medications.

When an animal rescue needs to pay for neutering and spaying of animals in addition to the already thin budget it can create excessive strain. It can reach a point where some animal rescues go out of business due to bankruptcy. This can result in euthanizing many or all of the animals which were under the care of the recue. This is a very sad strain on animal rescues that care so passionately for animals in need.

To Reduce Suffering Of Unwanted Animals

Reducing the suffering of unwanted animals through neutering and spaying is real. It saves future generations of animals from being born into a homeless situation resulting from overpopulation.

Even if it is not the offspring of your pet, another pet will pay the price of homelessness since there are only so many homes & vacancies. Every time a new animal is born the overpopulation is increased, which means another animal somewhere will not have a home. Animal starvation due to homelessness of pets as a result of overpopulation.

Homeless pets require food, water, medical care, and shelter just like those who have home. When they don’t have these basics they will inevitably suffer and die. Sometimes the suffering is prolonged through conditions such as teeth problems where they slowly are less and less capable of eating. This is just one example. There are many others as well.

To Reduce Euthanizations

Discussed throughout this article is the sad reality that when a new animal is born there is one less available pet vacancy. When there aren’t enough homes for animals many rescues try to save as many as they can support. Unfortunately, once homes and rescues are maxed out the next step is often euthanization.

It’s the cold, sad reality of today’s animal overpopulation. It’s also a reality that could greatly reduced or possibly even eliminated if all pet owners neutrered and spayed their pets.

To Abide Spay & Neuter Animal Laws

Some areas, have laws requiring neutering and spaying of pets. Clearly the laws are only as useful as they are enforced, and are often pushed to the wayside. There are so many violations and large sociatal problems that there just isn’t enough staffing to spend their full time enforcing animal sterilizations.

The goal of animal sterilization laws is not to try to cause legal problems for pet owners, but rather to reduce the excessive animal overpopulation epidemic. These laws are in place to help society. These laws are here to protect future animals as well.

To Encourage Others To Do The Same

If you haven’t yet neutered or spayed your animals why not do it today? Many decent hard working people have good intentions but just never get around to it.

Sadly many people know that they need to neuter or spay their animal but will not. Sometimes it’s due to financial constraints. There are times people feel neutering or spaying is an act of cruelty even though it saves many future animals from homelessness. Other times it’s simply that pet owners may not realize the far reaching consequences to the animal population and society.

Keep in mind that many places have low cost or even possibly free spay and neuter clinics. Simply pick up the phone and call your vet today to see if there’s one in your area and schedule an appointment.

Please do your part and neuter or spay your animals today if you haven’t already. Save future animals from suffering.

-Randy / Animal Weekly