10 Ways To Help A Lonely Cat

Kitties can become painfully lonely even when you are home if it isn’t receiving much attention, or is being unintentionally neglected. Here in this post are a few ways to help a lonely cat so it isn’t sick with depression.

Sometimes it looks as though a cat would choose to die instead of a life of neglect. It’s often an unintended cruelty, but fortunately there are a few things you can do to help your feline friend feel hope and love.


Cat’s love to play. It’s what they do! Just like children, cats often become lonely when their humans are gone to work, or ignored when they are home due to the busy pace of life. Just a few minutes per day can literally make the cat’s day.

Get Playful Sibling If The Kitty Likes Other Cats

Some cats are loners, while others enjoy the company of other cats and animals. If your cat enjoys being around other animals it may be a great joy for you to adopt another pet so your cat has a playmate. Not only will adopting a rescue cat save another animal’s life, but it may help reduce lonliness for the cats too.

Caring for 2 cats isn’t much more work than caring for just one so it might be a great idea to look into if your cat is lonely.

1st Floor Living

Cats watch the outdoors like humans watch television. How do they watch the outdoors though? Through windows in the home or appartment.

When cats are on 2nd floors and above it’s more of a boring big picture view. Instead, many cats prefer being up close, personal and close to being part of the action as possible. On the 1st floor of the home or appartment they are much more in-tune with the immediate nearby activity occuring in your yard.

Watching outside the window on a 2nd floor or higher may provide some minimal level of visual stimulation for many cats. An even better option though is a 1st floor window. Windows on the 2nd floor and higher are nothing compared to the ones on the ground level or first floor. Have you ever noticed a squirel or chipmunk perched only inches away on the other side of the glass on a 1st floor? Odds are likely that your cats have.

There is an absolute abundance of wild life and other interesting activity that can’t be ignored by cats. There simply is no substitute for a 1st floor window for cats whenever possible in your home.

Big Windows Outside With Ledge In Front Of Bird Feeder

What does a cat love more than looking outside of a window on the 1st floor? Looking outside a 1st floor window with a bird feeder only a few feet away! If you really want to go all out, consider installing a bird bath next to the bird feeder for even more eye stairing stimulation.

What more could a cat ask for other than to eat the creatures visiting the bird feeder and bath? Not a whole lot.

Bird feeders routinely attract a variety of not only birds, but chipmunks and squirels as well. There is simply no shortage of visitors that will come out to eat. There is also simply no comparison of eye attracting wild life amusement for your cat than a good bird feeder and bird bath near to the window.

Move To More Stimulating Area

If you live in an appartment with a window facing a wall, and no wild life your cat may be depressed. If it is an option, consider relocating to a more scenic area with trees, wildlife, or perhaps a yard with a bird feeder, or bird bath.

Obviously moving is not an option for everyone to consider, but if it is, consider moving to a location that’s heavily equipped with scenic stimulation that your cat can cherish.

Get An Active Human Roommate

If you have a lonely cat and are in a situation where you have empty space, consider finding a room mate. In addition to adding mental stimulation for the cat, roommates are also a great way to help financially. Most cats can’t help you pay your mortgage off early or reduce your monthly rent expenses, but roommates can.

Many cats become deeply depressed in a boring apartment that is not stimulating. Some cats are afraid of additional activity, but for those that crave it, a roommate may help not just your finances, but the cat as well.

Alternatively, if you have any neighbors that love animals invite them to stop over frequently to play with the cats. You might even offer to pay them a little money, or offer to help them with something you know how to do in exchange for them visiting the cat regularly.

Get Or Make Fun Toys

Making toys that lonely cats love can be quick, easy and effective. One great idea is to make a cat nip sock. Simply take an old clean sock, fill the tip of the sock with about a golf ball sized clump of cat nip, then tie a knot just behind the clump to keep it from escaping. Drop it on the ground in front of the cat, and many will respond with excitment.

Instant success and excitement for the kitty to enjoy for awhile.

Get A Cat Tree To See Outside Better

If you have windows, and no ledge, or no table for the cat to sit on to look outside the cat may give up on looking outdoors. If the cat has become depressed since it can’t easily see outside, a good cat tree may be a wonderful solution. It could help the cat climb vertically, and have flat surfaces to lay on while watching the outdoor excitement and activity. A great idea for many cats who enjoy climbing.

Increase Audio And Visual Stimulation

Many people leave the television or radio on for the cats to enjoy to increase audio and visual stimulation. Some cats enjoy watching the television, and it’s said that music can have a calming effect if the music is relaxing, such as some calm Christian music or smooth jazz.

If you have a quite, overly calm or possibly a boring environment for your cat try making things a little more vibrant and exciting by using media. Simply turning on the television or radio can build a whole new level energy to the room.

Show Some Love And Attention

It’s easy to get so busy that cats are forgotten in the chaos of day to day life.

Petting your kitty even a few times per day may be a big boost to your cat’s esteem, but it can be hard to remember to do.

Setting aside a few minutes at specific times of the day can be a good solution. Better yet, if you are strapped for time, or have a lot going on, you can still show your cat some love and attention while doing daily tasks.

Take a moment and think up some daily tasks that don’t require much use of your hands and arms. You can often find ways to pet your cat while being productive and doing these other things.

Here are a few times that might be convenient to pet your kitty while doing other things:

Pet Your Cat While Drinking Coffee In The Morning

A great time to spend a little time with the cat is in the morning if you are a coffee drinker. Either the cat can sit on your lap or be petted while you wake up with a cup of java.

Pet Your Cat While Reading

Many of us read the news, novels, work materials or other publications weekly, if not daily. If you have some reading to do it can be relaxing to spend time petting the cat at the same time.

Pet Your Cat While Talking On The Phone

In this mobile day and age communication seems continuous. If you enjoy or need to talk on the phone while you’re at home you can also make it a great opportunity to pet your cat. Whether listening on a conference call, or talking with someone for a few minutes you can pet your kitty while having your conversation at the same time.

Pet Your Cat While Watching Television

Do you enjoy watching a little or a lot of television, in the mornings, afteroons or evenings? It can be a great opportunity to multi-task by petting the cat while enjoying your favorite episodes.

Pet Your Cat At Bedtime

At night on your bed before falling asleep is a great time to spend a few moments with your feline frined. Many cats love to cuddle, and there are few times as well as bed time to spend a little time petting them.

While You Are Sitting On The Toilet

While it may seem humorus, many cats enjoy visiting thier owners while they are sitting on the toilet. It can be a chance to pet your cat as well, although, always make sure your hands are clean before petting the cat.

Other Times When Your Hands Are Free

Try to think of a few other daily activities that don’t require use of your hands. These could be opportunities to spend showing your cat a little affection. You might be surprised if you really think through it how you can find activites where you can pet your cat while doing something else.

Concluding Remarks

Kitties are great pets. Unlike humans, cat’s don’t have a seemingly endless schedule of time commitments. Furthermore, they greatly value your love, and look up to you. Most cat’s only know and trust just a small number of humans, usually just those in the home where they live. They depend on you for emotional love, health and stimulation.

By improving the stimulation your cat experiences may go a long way in reducing the lonliness of the kitty.

Thank you for reading this post. Please stop back often and read some more animal welfare and information topics.

Kindest regards,
-Randy / Animal Weekly