11 Sweet Ways Your Kitty Says It Loves You

Kitty cats are sweet creatures that want to be loved like the rest of us.

This post is about 10 ways your kitty says it loves you and shows affection. See if you can identify with any of these signs of love.

Note that not all cats show the same signs or any signs of love or any at all, especially feral kitties. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love you inside even if it doesn’t show.


We will start the list with purring. Many kitties purr often, some just once in awhile, and others not at all. Purring can be used for a number of reasons, including self medication, to comfort themselves, and yes, to show love. There are many additional reasons and purposes for kitties to purr, but one of the most common reasons is to show affection. If you have ever petted your kitty and it started purring it’s likely expressing love and contentment to you.

If your cat purrs continuously without being touched and rarely ceases while awake it may be good to have a vet check the cat. Sometimes purring can be a means of trying to self heal, or for other less obvious health reasons.

Most kitties purr commonly to express love though.


Many kitties when on your chest, or lap will kneed you as though they were making dough. This is generally a sign of love that may remind you of the phrase “Love Hurts”. The reason that kneeding may hurt is because while many cats do it as a sign of love, they often have sharp claws. Sharp claws kneeding you may be a sign of love, but a painful one that may hurt, or even leave claw marks.

If your kitty does this, please don’t harm them as they are trying to bond with you, not hurt you.

A couple of suggestions might be to clip their claws if they haven’t been clipped recently. Make sure not to clip them too short though. If you do not know how to properly clip your kitty’s claws without getting to close, or harming the cat seek guidance. Ask your vet how to do it properly. Alternatively, do an online video search for “How To Clip Cat Claws Safely” to learn how to do it. Safety comes first as you don’t want to hurt your kitty.

Alternatively, some people use cat claw caps that are plastic covers that go over your kitties claws. These items have gained popularity in recent years. These caps neutralize the ability for kitties to scratch since their claws are covered. Call your local vet to see if they they recommend them for your kitty prior to use as there appears to be controversy about the discomfort and/or ability of the cat to fully retract their claws when using these caps.

Jumping On Lap

When a kitty jumps on your lap they are often showing love. Especially if they sit on your lap and possibly start purring. Some kitties decide to go the all inclusive route, and lay down on your lap demanding your attention.

Try not to reject your kitty by putting them on the floor as they desperately love you and want affirmation and touch. Kitties and other pets need love just like people. Please do your best to spend at least a few moments giving your kitty some loveing attention so they know you love them too.

Meowing / Sweet Noises

Many kitties will meow at you when they want to tell you they love you. Keep in mind that not all kitties are as vocal as others. Some are highly vocal, and these are generally the ones that will meow at you as if to say “I Love You”.

Some vocal kitties also make sweet loveable noises that that sound like the combination of a meow and and a purr. Generally only the most vocal kitties will make this noise, but it’s very sweet to hear. Some kitties use this noise when they want your attention as well.

Walking And Rubbing Against Your Legs

Often kitties that want your attention or to be held will walk around where you’re standing and intentionally rub against your legs. At least part of the reason for this may be to rub their scent on you. Additionally they may appear to want you to pick them up and hold them as well.

Many kitties don’t get enough affection, or at least as much as they want from you. Whenever possible, try to pick them up for a moment to show them that you care.

Love Bites

If your kitty bites you when rubbing against you, when petting them, or when holding them it’s often a sign of love. Love bites generally are harmless and light, although some kitties may bite a little harder. Regardless, some cats love to bite their owners to show affection.

If you receive a love bite, pet the kitty, or better yet, pick them up to say hello.

Looking Out Window When You Come Home

Some kitties love you dearly and will run to look out the window when they hear you coming home. It’s a dear sign of affection that they are incredibly happy to see you.

It’s common for dogs to exhibit this behavior, but not commonly known that some kitties will do this as well. Are feline loved ones are not only dependent on us, but can grow deep bonds and look forward to seeing us as well.

Following You

Another similar action many kitties take that many people think they don’t do is following you around. Many dogs are well known to follow their guardians around from room to room and anywhere else they can go with them. To be clear, not all kitties follow their guardians around, but some do. Some just love to follow their human parents everywhere they can just like many dogs do.

It’s a sign of loyalty and love from your kitty. They want to be with you every step of the way. They want to walk life together with you. Please let them know they are loved and cherished.

Sleeping On Or Next To You

Much like a lap cat, some kitties will actually climb on you and sleep on you while you are in bed. Nothing says they love you in quite the same gental way. A lot of kitties may prefer to sleep next to you on your bed also. Make a little area or nest of clothes or a blanket for the kitty to sleep on if so.

One caution if your kitty likes to sleep in bed on or next to you is that you need to train yourself to not squash it. Rolling in bed can crush your kitty. Abrupt movements are common for many people when waking up, half asleep, repositioning during sleep or when tossing and turning. These movements can be very hazardous to your loving kitty that wants to sleep on or next to you. If enough force or weight is applied it could seriously harm or possibly kill your kitty by accident.

With some effort many people have trained their body to severly limit abrupt movements while sleeping. If you aren’t able to control these hazardous movements it may be best to keep the kitty outside of your room with the door closed when sleeping. Better for the kitty to have a broken heart during night time hours than a broken neck.

Rolling On Back When You Are Watching Or Petting

Many kitties seeking your love, touch, and attention will roll around while petting them. Often they will roll on their backs, moving their head and necks squirming around. This is often is accompanied by purring, and possibly sweet noises or meowing. The kitty is desperately asking you to pet them! Don’t disappoint them, simply pet them so they can bask in your affection for a little bit.

Pawing At You To Keep Petting

Some cats will paw at you to keep petting them. They love you, and want or may even possibly seem to demand your attention. What happens is some cats will paw at you when you take your hand away from petting them.

If they do this especially while kneeding, meowing & purring it means they are basking in your love, and love you too.

Concluding Remarks

Hopefully, whether your kitty shows any of these forms of affection or not you realize that they love you. Just like people, some communicate affection better than others. Some people are highly emotional, while others are emotionally disconnected. The same goes for kitties that love you. Some are better communicators than others. Your less responsive kitty may have strong feelings of love for you but doesn’t know how to show it.

I hope this post has been enjoyable, please take a moment now to enjoy some other articles here for your reading pleasure as well.

Kindest regards,
-Randy / Animal Weekly