3 Important Animal Rescue Donations

It’s no secret that animal rescues need donations. While money is one great way to help, there are other ways to donate as well, so let’s explore things further.

Financial Donations

Money, money, money… Every animal rescue needs it, but the necessary large funding requirements are so hard to meet.

Financial donations are imperative to keep animal rescues afloat. Many small cat rescues are funded completely by the owners of the rescue, and from donations.

With even a dozen animals, Veteranarian expenses can go through the roof. Vet checkups for health problems, recurring annual shots, medications. It can be a major financial burden to the animal rescue owners.

It’s an excessive burden to buy, and then support each of the facilities that animals live in.

Food often runs into the hundreds of dollars per month level for many animal rescues.

In colder regions, heating bills can run upwards of hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month to keep the facilities warm.

Electricity is antother cost driver for some rescues as fans are often needed to keep the animals cool in the warmer seasons.

Staff or hired help to assist with the excessive time requirements of running an animal rescue can hit the pocket book as well.

All of these things add up. And they add up REAL QUICK. Many of the people who run animal rescues are not wealthy individuals, and are spending more than they earn to keep the rescue afloat. Often sacrificing their retirement savings, or even going into debt just to keep things running.

If you are considering donating to an animal rescue, consider not just giving a one time donation, but a recurring donation. If you can pledge a dollar per day that’s not beyond the financial means of many people. Just think – if several people can commit to even a small recurring amount each month it can help tremendously. In fact, it may mean the difference between keeping the rescue running. If just 10 people gave $1 per day (paid monthly), that would equal $3,540 per year. It’s not enough for most rescues, but is certainly enough to make a difference.

Research the organization first to ensure it’s not a source of animal violations or infringements due to animal abuse etc.

Please consider supporting a local animal rescue financially today.

Supplies Donations

Several pet stores, and possibly other stores that sell animal products support various local animal rescues. One way they do this is by allowing donation jars for local animal rescues to put on their checkout counters. While this is more of a financial donation, many of these locations also allow boxes or bins for animal rescues to collect supplies. That way their customers have an option to buy supplies to donate to a local animal rescue.

The arrangement works out as a nice win-win-win for everyone as it helps:
1) The store sell additional products
2) Customers with a way to donate to a cause they want to support
3) The animal rescue with a source for much needed supplies

Clearly, stores need to sell products to stay in business. Additionally, many feel a sense of community and want to help local related causes. That’s why pet or animal donations for supplies are usually through pet stores since that is where these supplies are offered. Some stores may even give a discount to help the rescue in need.

Beyond pet food stores, many customers like to help local animal rescues also. Pet and animal stores are great places to find the rescues requesting supplies and donations. These stores help people connect to rescues so they can participate in donation opportunities available at their locations.

Finally, it’s a great benefit to the cat, dog, or animal rescue as they receive much needed resources for free. Donations help to keep things running, and can make a significant impact for the animal rescue.

To maximize the proceeds, a donation barrel, box or container needs to be highly visible, in a high traffic area. When giving, it’s best to donate something that is almost certain to be used, and a fundamental need for the rescues animals.

Common supplies donations include:

-Pet toys
-Cat bedding or litter
-Dog beds
-Animal food
-Pet treats

I’m sure most animal rescues wouldn’t turn down kennels and animal carriers, or litter boxes, but smaller items may be easier to transport for the owner.

To donate supplies, ask local pet stores if they have have a donations barrel for local rescues they support. If they don’t and other pet stores do, consider switching to one of these stores that better supports the local community.

Time Donations

Can you donate even a small amount of time to help a local animal rescue?

Time is an absolutely huge burden for animal rescue owners. It takes an unbelievable amount of time to keep the day to day tasks and operations running. Each week is a battle to find enough time to work, run the animal rescue, and try to find a few minutes to rest and recover. The requirements of running an animal rescue are exhausting.

Most animal rescues would absolutely love a little relief.

Keep in mind there are many ways to donate your time as a volunteer. Ask yourself what skills you have and if any of them could benefit your local animal rescue.

A common skill that is not always desirable, but often the greatest area of need is cleaning. If you can roll up your sleeves, are able to use a broom, and a dust pan that would be a huge help. Obviously changing bedding needs to be done on a regular basis as well. Even a few hours a week can make a big difference to an overwhelmed animal rescue.

Some rescues are run by families, and that is also a way that you can volunteer. Have you ever considered volunteering as a family?
Some of the benefits of donating your time to volunteering as a family include:

– Teach young ones a strong work ethic
– Teach young ones the importance of helping others in need
– Reduce the amount of time that any one person needs to spend volunteering since there are several working together on the project
– Helping meet the needs of animals that rely on people
– Helping an overwhelmed animal rescue owner who could use a little relief every week or two

Thanks for reading this post. As you can see there are several ways to donate to animal rescues. Whether you prefer to donate money, supplies, or time as a volunteer the desperate need is there and would greatly welcome your assistance today!

Kindest regards,

-Randy / Animal Weekly