6 Reasons To Adopt An Animal Rescue Pet or Stray

Have you ever considered adopting a stray pet, or an animal from a rescue? If not, please read this article to see how adopting from an animal rescue helps reduce animal population challenges.

Here are six reasons to adopt an animal rescue pet:

1) There is an overpopulation of pets that would love a good home
2) Many have been abused or neglected and need your help
3) Homeless animals often live short lives, and die painfully
4) Many animal rescues specialize in specific breeds
5) Adopting from a rescue reduces contributing to overpopulation
6) Adopting from a rescue frees room for another homesless animal

Presently there are tons of animals that need homes. I’m talking way too many – not just a few, but an entire population that are homeless. Being a homeless animal presents many types of dangers and threats, limited food, and difficulty finding a home due to over population.

Often homeless animals suffer to death in terrible ways at the hands of traps, humans, starvation, or medical problems. These lethal challenges are severely limited for house pets that are supervised by their human guardians. Obviously no animal will live forever, but the lifespan of an outdoor animal is only a fraction of an adopted pet with a home.

Many of these animals are very loving creatures that have been in extreme circumstances and live challenging lives by no fault of their own. Some have been abused – some badly abused. To make matters more difficult, many of these animals were never neutered or spayed. This environment multiplies the situation as the population of distressed animals grows ever larger.

Not being neutered or spayed further expands the problem due to financial constraints of would-be adopters. There are few prospective owners want to take in an animal that requires immediate medical attention due to the accompanying payments to the veteranarian clinic.

Often these homeless animals don’t make it long and die an often painful death. For those alive the burden often falls on farmers, animal foster guardians, and animal rescue owners to provide food and shelter for them.

Obviously almost nobody intends for this terrible cycle to keep going. Sadly, however, many people don’t realize is that buying animals from breeders increases the population epidemic further. When someone buys a pet from a breeder they are in effect forcing another animal to remain homeless. When an intentionally bread animal is adopted, the bread animal has taken the vacancy in the pet owners home that could have otherwise be filled with a homeless animal.

Interestingly, there are often animal rescues that specialize in specific breads. Many general animal rescues often already have a specific bread that people are looking for at puppy mills or other breaders.

The breeding situation is far more prominant with dogs than with cats, but the result remains unchanged. An otherwise adoptable homeless animal must continue to remain homeless. Also, it should be noted that buying from breeders or puppy factories encourages other consumers to do so as well.

When people buy from breeders or puppy mills, they not only expand the population challenges already in effect, but there are common reports of abuse. It seems many of the female mothers are bread over and over, confined in horific living conditions with little chance of improvement. Just so people can have a certain breed?

There are so many homeless animals with hearts of gold that would give anything to have a loving home. Yet some people don’t want to concern themselves with animal welfare and the larger picture so long as their own personal needs are met. Not only is it selfish, but also expands the larger population problem that grows more and more out of control daily.

As people buy animals from breeders & puppy mills instead of animal rescues there is a crisis of life occuring for the animals without homes. Rescues only have enough resources to care for some of the animals. Sadly those that aren’t able to find a homes often end up getting euthanized. Each time someone buys a bread animal it will usually cost the life of a homeless animal that would have been adopted in it’s place.

Buying from breeders and puppy mills cause challenges for the homeless animals to be certain. But the burden of additional homeless animals falls on animal rescues as well.

Please know that adopting from animal rescues saves the lives of homeless animals that need homes. Adopting from a rescue also helps put the breeders and puppy mills out of business, along with any cruel and inhumane treatment that accompanies them.

To be fair, not all breeders are bad, abusive, bad or inhumane people. In fact, many love the animals they breed – which is why they breed them. But enough are inhumane and cruel that it warrants disclosure and remedy. Add that to the over population issues, and the result is that society has a real big mess on their hands. Hopefully if you are a breeder reading this article you now understand the effect that breeding has on the overpopulation crisis occuring today.

This discussion has largely detailed overpopulation issues caused by the breeding industry, however, there’s another major problem that simply can’t be ignored. The other major issue in the overpopulation crisis is that not all pet guardians are neutering or spaying their pets. Neutering and spaying the pets under your watch can save generations of pain and suffering resulting from overpopulation of pets.

Many areas have special subsidized or low cost spay & neutering programs to make it affordable for pet guardians. Sometimes it’s nearly free. If you are an animal guardian you owe it to yourself, the animal kingdom, and to society to ensure responsible medical precautions are taken. Spaying and neutering are essential in the fight against over population of animals that want and need loving homes.

Thank you for reading this heavy hearted message. If you’ve bought from a breeder in the past that doesn’t make you the enemy. Just remember, there’s no time like the present to decide to adopt from animal rescues going forward. Each time you do a prescious animal life is saved.

Kind wishes for reading this post & happy animal rescue adopting to all!

Randy / Animal Weekly