5 Great Sources For Animal Rescue Volunteers

Animal rescue staffing is the name & volunteering is the game!

Volunteers are desperately needed by many animal rescues, but it seems very few have enough help.

But why? Clearly every rescue has a different set of circumstances, but often it’s because they may not know how to find one.

That’s what this post is about, and here are a 5 ideas of where to find animal rescue volunteers:

-High schools
-Networking events
-Local colleges
-Church & youth groups
-Chamber of Commerce

Now let’s review these animal rescue volunteer options in greater detail.

High School Animal Rescue Volunteers

Check to see if the local high schools in your area require students to do volunteer hours in order to graduate. If so, see what the qualifications are to become eligible to have students reach their graduation volunteer requirements.

It will likely be a good experience for them, and some may even decide to continue assisting after their hour requirements have been met. See if there is a way to interview the students prior to allowing them out to your rescue to ensure safety to the rescue animals and property.

Networking Event Animal Rescue Volunteers

Networking events are interesting communities, with mostly business professionals and job seekers. Many of these people are highly motivated action takers, and leaders often taking roles to help the community.

Its possible that some of these individuals would be animal rescue volunteers. These networking events are full of networkers. That means these people may possibly know of someone willing to be an animal rescue volunteer even if they are not personally available.

The way these events generally work is some are free, others charge $1 or $2 when you attend a meeting. Some groups are open to the public, while others are exclusive and private. Members usually each take a turn talking for 1 or 2 minutes to explain what they are looking for. You could mention that you are seeking animal rescue volunteers.

Afterward members often hand out a business card to everyone in the group so they can contact you concerning your need. If you don’t have business cards, even making a photocopy on paper and having it cut about the same size as business cards would suffice in most situations.

Local College Animal Rescue Volunteers

Local colleges are full of young people with goals, motivation & looking to get involved. Some of these students are pasionate about, or even going to college for programs relating to animals. Especially if there is a college with Vetarinarian, Vet Tech or Non-Profit degree programs.

You can contact these colleges to see if there is a way to offer animal rescue volunteering opportunities to their student body.

Many college students are looking to improve their resumes while attending college to help them land a good job upon graduation. Listing volunteering experience looks attractive to many employers. Animal rescue volunteering is a great way to show employers they are a community advocate looking to give instead of just take.

Church & Youth Group Animal Rescue Volunteers

Churches are often a source of honest, loving individuals that are not self centered. You can call and ask to speak to the Pastor of several reputable Churches in your area to express your need.

It’s possible that the Pastor may know of an individual who is available to help you. It’s also a possible that their Youth Group would be interested in helping with animal rescue volunteering occassionally. It’s possible the Pastor may know of someone who just retired & is lonely or depressed looking for something to do with their free time.

Local Bulletin Board Animal Rescue Volunteers

Another possible place to find animal rescue volunteers is by placing small business cards, or peices of paper on bulletin boards in your local area.

A few common places to find these old fashion, yet still effective cork bulletin boards you can use to look for animal rescue helpers include:

-Grocery stores
-Coffee houses
-Other local businesses

Bring thumb tacks, and small paper ads requesting animal rescue volunteers with several tear off tabs each containing your phone number on them. Be respectful by not using a large piece of paper that overpowers the bulletin board so it isn’t taken down, or give you a bad reputation.

Craigslist or Newspaper Classifieds Animal Rescue Volunteers

In many areas, Craigslist.org is a free online bulletin board to promote classifieds ads – including for animal rescue volunteers.

The way it works is you simply go to the ‘Community’ section and click the ‘volunteers’ link & post your own ad requesting animal rescue volunteers. Since the responders are from an unknown source it’s good to meet them for coffee or lunch first to screen them. Remember – safety first.

Many responding to your ad will have a great interest in pets and volunteering, but make sure you feel confident the prospecitve volunteer is the right choice. Maybe you can interview several responders prior to making a decision.

Chamber of Commerce Animal Rescue Volunteers

Many cities have a Chamber of Commerce, or similar business community of leaders that are active in the community.

Unfortunately there is commonly a fee for joining such an organization, so depending on your location it may or may not be cost prohibitive. If it’s within your budget and relatively large it may be another place to look for animal rescue volunteers.

If you are a non-profit, it may also be a great way to get exposure to the community and possibly even find donors or grants. Look into your local Chamber of Commerce before deciding, but it may be right depending on your situation and goals.

Veteranarian & Pet Groomer Animal Rescue Volunteers

You can ask the local Veteranarian & Pet Groomer shops if you can put a small ad on their counter asking for animal rescue volunteers.

These are two common types of businesses frequently visited by cat, dog, and other animal enthusiasts. You can imagine there is already a strong pasion for animals by anyone who responds to your ad from one of these locations.

Many of these businesses have a desire and interest in animal welfare, and will agree to help your animal rescue. Just don’t be a nuisance or over demanding, or disrespectful. Be gracious and don’t wear out your welcome – you can always run another ad later on if you don’t get the right candidate on your first attempt.

Best wishes in recruiting volunteers,

Randy / Animal Weekly