7 Powerful Ways To Help Your Animal Rescue

Animal rescues all over the world need help! You can help in many different ways. Simple or involved, there’s many ways to make a difference for your local animal rescue. Please consider helping in one of the following ways. Their cats & dogs are depending on you!

Volunteer At A Rescue

Almost every rescue needs volunteers but they are extremely hard to find. Especially volunteers who are committed to helping more than just a couple of times.

Volunteering doesn’t need to be an excessive burden. Even helping for a couple of hours every other week would be appreciated at most rescues.

Typically sweeping, scooping litter and other general cleaning tasks are needed most. Sometimes feeding the animals and giving them fresh water is a great relief for the animals and the person running the rescue. Sadly not all rescues give fresh food and water to the animals enough due to the demands of work and so many animals under their care. This could be something you help with. Beyond running the animal rescue, the owners usually work full time jobs on top of the daily & weekly time demands of keeping the animal rescue running.

Animal Rescue Donations

Money is one of the foundational requirements for any animal rescue. Cats, dogs and other animals require loads of financial support. It’s very expensive to run a cat rescue. Food, shelter, heating, and medical support can really add up quickly. Often animal rescue owners work tirelessly in a full time job trying to earn enough money to keep the rescue going. Often they spend all they have on the rescue with little or no savings for retirement.

Donations are greatly appreciated by the people who run animal rescues. If you have available funds, please consider a donation to a local cat rescue or dog rescue today. Even small amounts can help.

Post Animal Rescue Donation Links On Social Media

If you are active on social media websites you can help your local animal rescue.

Simply posting a link on your account requesting donations for those who can afford it would be helpful. If a cat, dog, horse or other rescue has a website donation page or a FundMe campaign you can post it to your followers to check out.

If 20 or 30 people posted a link for an animal rescue to their social media accounts each month it would likely generate some much needed revenue.

Similarly, reposting animal rescue posts by other people you engage with could help other rescues also.

Adopt A Rescue Pet

So many sweet kitties and dogs want loving homes. Please adopt one today if you are able to. These animals are desperate, and need your love. Many have lived hard lives by no choice or action of their own. They have been born into a world that is overpopulated with animals and have nowhere to turn.

If you are able, please adopt a rescue animal today.

Sterilize Your Pets

A large part of the reason so many animal rescues are necessary today is because of the overpopulation of cats and dogs. If everyone would sterilize their animals the overpopulation epidemic would greatly reduce or disappear completely.

Spaying and neutering is something every pet owner needs to do if they truely love animals. The overpopulation crisis needs the help of every animal lover and pet owner. Animal rescues can’t keep up with the over abundance of homeless animals.

Not spaying or neutering your animal contributes to the problem, while sterilizing your pets helps solve the problem. There is no middle ground unfortunately. You are helping reduce the overpopulation by spaying and neutering your pets or contributing to through inaction if you do nothing.

If you have not yet, please spay and neuter your animals today. Many good folks have kind intentions of doing so but simply never stop to make time. Please make it a priority today. After it’s done you can be a happy pet owner knowing you are contributing to the future welfare of animals.

Make sure you chip and collar all of your pets with up to date contact information

Chipping your pets is a great way to potentially save it’s life if it gets loose or lost. Chipping also reduces the number of homeless pets that fill animal rescues needlessly. An unchipped animal at high risk of loosing you forever if it gets lost. It also may live a sad or depressing life in an animal rescue if it isn’t euthanized.

Chipping is quick and affordable and can likely be done at the same time as neutering or spaying.

It’s common for animals that have been lost to be reunited with their owners as a result of chipping.

Don’t let your pet unnecessarily end up in an animal rescue with little hope or even euthanized. Please get your pet chipped if you haven’t already.

Leave a legacy by including the rescue in your will

Leaving a legacy to your favorite children in need charity or animal rescue is a great way to help a desperate cause. Have you ever considered adding such an organization as a beneficiary to your will, life insurance or living trust? Leaving even a small portion to such a charity can help greatly.

Many like the idea, but have never thought about it before. Others have thought about it but never gotten around to taking action. It’s understandable as thinking about our passing is never an entertaining thought. Regardless, leaving a legacy is something you can do to provide desperately needed funds that will help children or animals rescues immensly.

Consider making a children’s charity or animal rescue a beneficiary today.

Kindest regards,
-Randy / Animal Weekly