6 Popular Dog Tricks – And Important Bonus

Dogs are amazing creatures that are very smart. It’s no wonder they have incredible mass appeal. In addition to their love and loyalty traits, they are known for their intelliegence as well.

With such intelligence, many dog guardians like to teach the dog tricks, which can make the dog feel challenged, accepted and smart.

It can make the dog feel confidence and their families proud when the dog masters incredible dog tricks. So let’s cover some of the more popular skills you can teach your dog. Always have dogs checked by the vet to ensure healthy enough for these tricks before training or performing them.

This short post is focused on popular tricks for dogs and isn’t long enough to provide exact training steps. Consider investing in an awesome guide that provides detailed training instructions & get your dog doing impressive tricks quickly!

Trick 1 – Sit

Many dogs love to follow their owners, and are often very excited to be involved with the activities of the family. Sometimes dogs will get very hyper or not know the rules when they are environments such as stores or events. To prevent problems or accidents, teaching dogs to sit is a great trick or skill to master. This is especially helpful for dogs that will be working as service dogs who need to behave a certain way in public locations.

Teaching your dog to sit is a great way to keep dogs from accidentally doing things that may cause problems.

A quick online search for ‘Train Your Dog To Sit’ will give you some great pointers on how to achieve success for this skill.

Trick 2 – Tug Of War And Fetching

Fetching is one of the top favorite tricks for many dogs. It’s even an esteemed form of entertainment for many dogs as well!

Tug Of War is a similar type of game which often precludes the dog learning to fetch. Many dogs enjoy running after balls, frisbies, sticks, and other toys almost naturally. The difference between Tug Of War, and Fetching is whether the dog releases the object thrown after retreiving it. Normally the Tug Of War ‘trick’ comes almost instinctively. Many dog’s love to chase things, but it often takes a little training for them to learn to release it.

Obviously a little practice, a dog training guide, and a few treats will help the K9 to master this skill.

Trick 3 – Speak

People like to talk, and many dogs do as well! Many dogs can be trainined to speak on command.

Generally the dog trainer or guardian will say the command ‘Speak!’ The dog then barks in response to the trick request. It’s a fun way for your dog to show off it’s intelligence in a vocal way!

As with all tricks, a little time and effort will be required, but it’s a fun way to bond as well.

Trick 4 – Shake

Skaking is an impressive skill for dog’s to exhibit human like social skills. What better manners could a dog learn than to shake when greeting someone new?

While dog’s will always be dogs they are part of the family, and often love to behave like humans!

Usually this dog trick consists of someone saying ‘Shake’ to the dog. Then the dog is expected to raise a front paw to shake your hand.

As with many dog tricks, a little time, practice and patience can go a long way.

Trick 5 – Stand

Humans stand on their legs, and many dogs are able to learn how to do it also!

Clearly, standing is not natural for a dog, so consult with your veteranarian first. Ensure it will not cause pain or injury to the dog before attempting this trick.

This is a great trick for dogs to impress people while exhibiting the ability to follow instructions and show obedience.

Normally, the way this trick works is someone holds a treat, and commands the dog to ‘Stand!’. The dog then must stand, without biting the treat out of person’s hand until it is given to them. The dog is usually affirmed and told what a good dog they are after successfully completing the trick.

Trick 6 – Roll Over

Getting a dog to roll over is a little more advanced trick which many dogs can master. This trick is a great way for a dog to impress owners, and their peers. Additionally, rolling over is a trick many dogs find entertaining. What dog doesn’t like to be the center of the center of attention.

The way this trick works is by having someone give a command to the dog to ‘Roll Over’. The dog then rolls over on the ground, and yes – usually expects a treat for this service.

This trick is definitely a true crowd pleaser.

Keep in mind if a dog has arthuritius, or other health issues this could possibly be painful. As mentioned earlier, please check with a veteranarian before attempting any of these tricks.


Last but not least is this important bonus reminder!
Remember – whenever your dog gets a treat for doing a trick correctly the cat deserves a treat for the dog’s work as well! 🙂
Clearly the importance of this bonus reminder can not be stated enough!

Healthy, veterinarian approved treats only are a MUST for both kitties and dogs. Also, remember, while it’s fun to teach young and old dogs new tricks health and saftey come first. Always consult with your veteranarian before using or teaching these or any other tricks, commands or training to your dog. It should be a fun experience for both you as well as the dog that does not harm or cause other problems.

To learn more about dog tricks, or to learn how to do these tricks consider investing in a formal course that teaches the specific strategies involved. The six tricks discussed in this article are just the tip of the iceberg, and many other great ones are included as well. Dog’s have a great mental capacity to learn new things. Dog tricks are a great way to bond while learning and having fun at the same time.

Teach your dog new things you never thought possible!

-Randy / Animal Weekly