12 Safety Precautions For Dogs

Do you have a dog that you are trying to keep safer? If so you’re not alone.

The goal of this article is to provide 11 safety precautions you can use to make things safer for your dog.
Let’s get started and jump right into it!

Keep Dogs Safe From Cords And Leashes

The first safety tip for your dog is to keep them safe by keeping them from choking on leashes and cords. Dog’s have died by having their leashes or chains tied to something without enough length. If there is an object the dog can jump over, make sure the length of the leash will not keep the dog hanging on the other side. If the dog can’t jump the object and be able to touch the ground and take a few steps the leash could hang your dog.

This also goes for dog chains too.

Similarly, long cords in the home that are not secured could choke or hang your dog if they get caught in it wrong. Please secure such cords to keep your dog safe.

Keep Plants Dangerous To Dogs Away

Daffodils, Azaleas, Lilies, Tulips are just the beginning. There are many more that are toxic to pets. As a pet guardian, please take a moment to do some research to see if the plants in your home and on your property are poisonous.

How do you find out which plants are safe? There are large lists online. Simply do an internet search for “Plants dangerous to dogs” to learn more. Find one of the largest lists you can. A large list covers a larger selection of plants and flowers that may be on your property than a small list.

Don’t Feed Your Dog Excessive Treats

Unless specifically approved by your dog vet, it’s best not to feed your dog large numbers of treats in place of their normal food.

Dogs, just like humans need to eat healthy food. Some treats may be healthy, but others may not be. Consult your vet to ensure you are feeding the right kind and amount to your dog.

This may seem like something simple, but it’s important to keep your dog safe from health problems if the treats you feed your pet have unhealthy ingredients.

Don’t Feed Toxic Foods To Dogs

Onions, garlic, chocolate, caffeine, avocodo and a good number of other foods are toxic to dogs. There are numerous other toxic foods your dog should not eat as well. It’s beyond the scope of this post to list everything, but lists of toxic foods to dogs are easy to find online. Simply do an online search for “Foods Dangerous To Dogs” to find a thorough list of foods to keep away from your pets.

Certain types of foods that are safe for people can be like poison to dogs.

Please research toxic foods for dogs further to keep your pet safe.

Keep Your Dog Out Of Appliances Before Using Them

Small dogs especially may jump in your dryer and take a nap. Checking your dryer for pets before starting. This may sound like common sense, but instead of taking a passing glance actually take a close look inside. It could save the life of dogs and other pets in your home.

Don’t Let Your Dog Freeze

If you live in a region that’s cold in the Winter, your dog could freeze to death if you aren’t careful.

Don’t let your dog freeze to death by accidently locking it outside and forgetting to let it back in. A good way to not forget about them is go out with them. If you aren’t able to accompany your dog outside, set a timer alarm on your phone that reminds you to let them in. It’s best to always set the alarm before letting them out. That way you will not forget to set it. Make setting the alarm part of your routine so it is the first step you take before letting your dogs out.

Even when you go out yourself with them set the alarm so it becomes a habit every single time. That can greatly reduce your dog’s risk of being forgotten and freezing to death outside.

Dog jackets can help dogs stay warm too. If you have a dog that gets cold easily please get and use a dog jacket for them.

Keep Dogs Safe From Overheating

In warm or hot months make sure you keep your dog cool. It’s sad that every Summer dogs overheat and even die in the heat.

Rolling down windows is often not enough when it’s really hot. It’s best to take the dog home first before running errands. That way your dog isn’t trapped in a car with excessive deadly temperatures.

While at home make sure your dog is able to stay cool too, bringing it indoors if necessary.

Putting ice cubes in the water are another idea to help keep your dog and other pets cool.

Keep Dog Tails Away From The Door

Keeping your dog away from the door when you leave may not seem very important. However, it could cause an emergency. Dogs can get their tails caught and crushed in doors when closed. Take a look to ensure your dog is not dangerously close to the door when you close it. It’s probably easier to happen without realizing it on the hinge side of the door.

Sadly, the dog could be stuck there for hours until someone returns. It may be standing in pain unable to sit until the door is opened again. After the dog is free it will likely need an emergency trip to the vet. Likely the tail may need partly amputated from the point it was crushed.

Please keep doggie, kitty and any other pets with tails safe. Ensure they are away from the door when closing it.

Don’t Accidentally Sit On The Dog

It’s easy to accidentally sit on an crush your pet dog. Small dogs are especially at risk. Some dogs borough beneath blankets or clothes, so also please check beneath these prior to sitting down.

Whether on a chair, sofa, or even your bed, please look closely to make sure you do not sit on and crush dogs that may be there.
Sitting down quickly adds additional force and harm if a dog is there, so please be careful.

Chip Your Dog For Safety

Chipping dogs and cats is an incredibly helpful way to keep your animals safe. If your dog escapes or get lost a chip can help identify them and get them back to you. Even if the dog is located far away it can be reunited if you can be identified as the owner through a chip.

Similarly, a collar with identity tages and a phone number can help keep your dog safe.

Keep Dangerous Small Items Away From Dog Food & Water

Keeping small dangerous items away from the dog’s bowls for water and food is important to their saftey.

Some common items to keep away from dog food and water bowls:

-Small plastic children toys
-Razor blades
-Cleaning products

Such items can easily slip into the food or water. As you can imagine, if the dog eats these or similar items it can them a major cause medical emergency or even death.

Keep Dog Vet Checkups and Shots Current

Help keep your dog safe by bring it to the vet for annual checkups and shots.

Dogs need medical attention just like people do. Annual checkups can have a professional get a good idea of where the pet’s health stands. Often health conditions can be discovered early on if the dog is brought in for annual checkups. If a health problem is discovered early the vet may be able to treat the problem before it gets out of control or beyond the treatability.

A simple trip to the vet and annual shots are a great part of your dog’s health. Schedule an appointment to your vet now if you haven’t done so.

Concluding Thoughts

Since you’ve read this post you likely have a dog you care about that you want to keep safe. A few simple things such as those mentioned previously can make a difference to the safety of your health. Be on the lookout for other common dangers that you encounter, and take note of them.

As you can see, dog safety is not just about one single thing, but multiple little precautions.

Thank you for reading this article.

Please stick around and read other interesting topics too!

-Randy / Animal Weekly